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2011 Wangford Nativity Play

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30 years and still going strong.


Air Crash over Wangford

This is a story from WW II, at 11.02 on Saturday 5th. February 1944 two Republic P47 Thunderbolt Fighter Bomber aircraft collided over Wangford. Both 2nd Lt Roger A Phillips 61st fighter squadron & 2nd Lt Richard A Albert 63rd fighter squadron were killed.
A memorial to the pilots from Holton Air Field was set up on the verge at Pound Corner in Wangford in 2008.
65 years after the crash an email came to the village website asking for information on the crash from a Mr. David Grosvenor he was asking on behalf of a friend, so all the relevant facts were sent to him to pass on, which he did.
On the 20/11/09 an email arrived from Christine Albert Gage to say that Mr. Grosvenor had been asking on her behalf and to thank us for all our help. She went on to say that she and her husband are musicians in Austin, Texas and she would like to come to Wangford and sing a song she had written ("Wings of War") at the site of the crash. (what she didn’t say was they are recording artists) Her dad now 91, had only heard that his only brother Dick had died in a training exercise and was very happy to get the full story of Lt. Albert getting disorientated in snow clouds and climbed straight in front of Lt. Phillips who cut his plane in half with no chance of avoiding him.
Mrs. Joan Hunting or Joan Walker as she was then, ran from the shop to see if she could help as she was in the Red Cross (she was only 17/18 years old) when she got there she said “Lt Albert looked like he had just stopped for a rest, just sitting in half a Plane” she still lives in the village a remembers it as if it was yesterday.
Kenny Gilbert was walking back to Wangford from Uggeshall and watched the cash in the air. He then ran to where the plane came down as kids do and was first on the scene but was soon told to move on by Sergeant Reynolds the local bobby. Kenny still tells the tale to this day.
On October 9th this year Albert & Gage are coming to Wangford and will do a show for the people of the village as a way of thanking them and to help raise some money for our Church roof.
Christine has visited her uncle’s grave in Cambridge on October 9th. 2008 which inspired her to write the song.

Wings of War


Flower Festival "Just Add Water" film

The Day the Crown Jewels came to Wangford

At the memorial Susan Albert Elenberg read this Poem
written by Lt. Richard Albert

To Dick

When day is done and work is through
When I have washed and dined
When twilight steals across sky’s blue
I get you on my mind.

When silvery props the air would split
With thunderous sound and roar
How happily through the clouds we’d flit
How we would climb and soar.

They tell me that those days are gone
But this I must confide
“You see I’m never quite alone
You are always by my side.”

How straight you stood in line that day
When we received our wings
How were we to know you’d pay
So dearly for those things.

I remember well that cold bleak day
On England’s Eastern shore
The “Great Commander” took you away
From all the hate and war.

Perhaps He saw the silvery sheen
Of your wings as you did fly
He was thrilled to see a soul so clean
Cavorting through the sky.

He probably looked the whole world round
Till his eyes came to rest on you
He probably said “At last I’ve found –
A true son of my blue.”

Now beyond the blue in distant land
Where the south wind always sighs
Where the air is calm beneath His hand
There my buddy flies.

By John A. Aranyos

Sent to Mrs. Victor Albert – mother of Richard A. Albert

December 17, 1946







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