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Progress on the Church Restoration
A start has been made, the scaffolding is up for the repairs to the buttresses and parapet.
updated 4 / 1 /2012

For the latest report click here
For the latest report click here
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Scaffolding done by Pro. Flat Scaffolding of Bury St. Edmonds 01284 701839
Next the builders.

You will have seen the church shrouded in scaffolding but may wonder what is happening behind. We are now several weeks into the roof repair. We are privileged and lucky to have a team of expert craftsmen from Hoggs Builders of Bury St. Edmunds and Alan Greening, specialist historic architect working on the church. The work is to the very highest standard and all involved are most impressed.
We have almost completed the central gutter repair, which was in worse condition than envisaged. We were warned that the situation may be worse than imagined when the roof covering was taken off and indeed this has proved to be the case. A major central beam, holding up the main central roof had rotted through completely and had to be reinforced with steel brackets. The large piers (buttresses) holding up the tower were also found to be in worse condition and needed more work than expected. There are two teams working on the building, one team of carpenters who are re-forming the roof structure, and a team of stonemasons, who are doing all the repairs to the flint walls.
The temporary tin roof, which is visible, will shortly be moved across and work will start on replacing the flat lead roof over the north aisle. This is the main repair and will involve a lot of rebuilding work to ensure that the gutter works correctly and does not leak again. The roof was poorly designed and built and this time we are taking account of global warming and the anticipated heavier spells of rain that we have been experiencing in recent years. Not that you would believe it with the current drought continuing. The builders had their first wet day at work at the beginning of June, after 9 weeks of working in complete dryness.
Work is progressing slower than we had thought but we are in no rush and would prefer to take our time and do a thorough job that will last for future generations. Those following can then concentrate on other areas of the church, which will surely require repair.
As we progress through to completion the north aisle will be redecorated to its former glory and will be visible for all to see. The PCC are already planning a special event to celebrate completion of this much needed repair, and look forward to sharing the re-opening with the village that have been whole-heartedly behind this restoration project. As with any large scale project costs continue to rise and escalate as additional unforeseen repairs become apparent. The Roof Repair Fund continues to fund raise through a number of events, and your continued support for this appeal is very much appreciated. We could not have got to this stage without you, and we are extremely grateful to you all for your continued support.

Thank you.
Steven Smith,
Fabric Officer.


The scaffolding is down and now we have a dry Church.

From this
To this
The work on the tower and roof are complete, the floor has been repaired.
Hoggs Builders have done a sterling job, of a very high standard of repair for which we heartily thank them.


There is always a but, we can't stop here we must get the rest of the Church up to standard.
We need the heating, and decorating done all of which is going to cost money, there will be no grants to help this time.
The old emulsion will have to be removed and then lime wash put on the walls (not cheap).
A new boiler of some kind and radiators (also not cheap). ( and you know what it costs to heat your house, what if it was the size of the church)

It is now 2012 and a big year for events

Let's make one of our events completing the restoration of the Church

any ideas are welcome for raising more money to complete the work.

We have had a lot of fun raising money for the roof so why should the fun stop now!

We would like to thank all of you who have made it possible to get this far those who have thought up ways to get funds and helped see it and those who have through supported the events and fund raising schemes.

Without your help none of this would have been possible Thank You.

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