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Wangford Church Roof Fund

"Raise the Roof"


With grants we have raised £248,734 an unbeliveable amount.

Thank you each and every one of you who helped.

Last night Monday 7/3/2011 the contract was signed for stage two and the start of repairs to our wonderful Church.
Steven Smith the fabrics officer to whom we owe so much

Why do we need so much money?
Looks great from here but lets have a closer look!

The Roof
All the water from the tiled roof flows through two small outlets onto the small roof, where it tries to flow into a very narrow gullywhich gets blocked by leaves and twigs as it is too narrow for them to blow away.
As the water tries to flow away it picks up the rubbish and takes it to the two small outlets on this roof and blocks them.
When the water can't get away it gets behind the lead flashing and in the cold weather freezes
expanding and opening up the flashing from the wall and letting the water in.
The parapet wall when it was built was made from two outer layers of flint with a filling of bits of stone, flint and mortar. 
Being over a 100 years old the mortar gets porous and stores water instead of keeping it out.

Is that all of our problems? Not by a long way!

Damage to the buttresses

The same problems with the mortar has affected the buttresses
Bits could fall off at any moment
before any thing is done to the roof repairs must be made.
(Big lumps of stone through a new roof is not a good thing.)
An iron strap has broken by freezing water in the joint cracking the stone work above and below.
Some of the cracks are hard to see, but a small crack can become a large one very quickly.

Inside the Church

There is a lot of damage to the inside of the Church.
Floor beams have rotted, water damage to the monuments and windows.

With a grade 1 listed building you can't just get an odd job man round
it all has to be done by experts in restoration, after all this is our history.


Thanks to the wonderful people of Wangford, our Church will be saved from the weather; along with the surrounding villages we have raised enough money to repair the buttresses, roof and the windows. We still have to get a lot more money to do the heating and repair the monuments on the walls, but thank you all so much for saving the heart of the village.

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