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The Lost Trades.

As times change trades die out as they become uneconomic or are no longer needed but if you search hard enough you can still find people working at them as they have for hundreds of years.

Some of the old ways are best using nature without damaging it.

Horse working

Most things in the country were done with horses at one time, there were thousands of them now to see a horse at work pulling a cart or ploughing a field is very rare.

There are still people who work horses every day like Mr C. Griffin who runs "Griffin Horse Logging" a local man who takes his horses into woodland to pull the logs out after the trees have been chopped down. Why do you ask, a horse can walk through small spaces where you cannot get a tractor and with the right equipment can move large logs.

Mr Griffin also does hedge laying a very old art to make fields stock proof.

The hedge is trimmed and woven with all the trimming being woven back into the hedge making a very strong animal proof hedge.
Much nicer than a tractor torn hedge that still needs stock fencing or barbed wire along it to keep the animals in.

You can find him at :-
or you see him at a local country show.

Email :- horselogging

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