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It looks like a bronze age site has been discovered at the quarry so Wangford is a lot older than we thought. There are what look like post holes and signs of burning also a few shallow ditches and a few bones, all things pointing to an occupied site.

The people who lived here could be the very first to live in Wangford.


What a lovely view they must have had!



Right on top of the hill you can see for miles.



A shallow ditch with burning in the bottom.



More signs of burning.


The first trenches. [ Very little found here and what was, was Roman and industrial.]

When the Romans invaded the people of Wangford were part of the Trinovantes Tribe who joined up with Boudicca in 60 ad. to fight the Romans and burn London.


The posts holes sadly came to nothing so no round house but there is still a lot to do.
A 3,000 year old Bronze Age pot has been found and removed.



It has been said that Roy finds all the good stuff because he was there when it was put in the ground.


Roy's bronze age pot is said to be about 3,000 years old.


Since this find some Beaker people pottery has been found and this could date back to as early as 2000 B.C. and also a Bronze age loom weight has been found along with some flint scrapers, who knows we could get back to the neolithic period. Wangford is getting older by the minute.

Beaker People

About 2500 BC an influx of migrants settled in Britain they were farmers, archers and the first metal smiths in the country.

They made their own pottery which is how they got their name, and eventually the first woven garments in Britain .They also seem to have introduced the first known alcoholic drink into Britain, a form of honey-based mead.
Most stone circles or henges were built by them and they buried their important people in barrows large mounds of earth in places of plain sight, tops of hills and such.


A barrow ditch has been found but the barrow mound has been ploughed in, so there is no sign left of a burial. The Mound must have been 18 metres across and the medieval lane ran right passed the edge of the mound.


Meet the Team 



Jezz the team leader








 and Sabra.
It has been very hard work for the team digging in the stony ground but they have done a great job and have had some really good finds.
It will takes years to map the whole site but it looks very promising.

Many thanks to Jezz and his team of Archaeologists

Roy, Steve and Sabra.

And also the Suffolk County Council Archaeology Service.

This year Jan.2014 some Norfolk archaeologists found a Roman pot about 1700 years old just opposite Hill Side Farm.



If you are going to use a shovel get a big one!





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