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Any clubs or associations that want to be added or removed from this list please let me know!

Sports club Peter Soanes Tel: 578672

Arts club Gilliane Smith Tel: 578620

Raise the Roof 100 Club Sallie Smith Tel: 578386

Henham Steam Rally Chairman Mike Powell-Evans Tel: 675774

Secretary Mike Ryland Tel: 578053
Winners can be found in the Messenger each month.


Do you find fridays a Bore

Have something to look forward to!
Come and join us at The Wangford Sports Club every Friday afternoon.

Great fun and friendship at very little cost.
Beginers very welcome.
Come and use the lovely snooker table for 50p for half an hour.
Where else can you get so much for so little?

The Sports Club was formed in 1984 – Dylis Birkett Chair, Brenda Herriott Treasurer, Rosalie Duncan Secretary. Malcolm Woolnough was a committee member, becoming Secretary 1987-2001 and 2003 to date.

Subsequent Chairs were – Peter Soanes 1987–1997, Frank Mortlock 1997-2000, Rupert Hannant 2000-2005 and Malcolm Woolnough 2005-present (2010).

Treasurers were Edna Utting 1987-1999 and Margaret Chapman 1999-date. Bertha Woolnough was ever present helping with refreshments and was also a committee member until recent years.

Early years consisted of yoga, darts, table tennis, soft tennis, badminton and a small snooker table – membership numbers were quite low.

The Snooker Hall was built by volunteers in their spare time during 1986/7 – the Community Council paying for materials. A table was donated which was in rather bad condition and this needed complete renovation. The hall was very popular for many years and usually fully booked – one member even slept there (unofficially) for a while. Another member was a national coach who lived at Walberswick – he offered to train a minimum of 5 youngsters over 14 years. Unfortunately, only 2 were interested – most parents insisted their teenagers concentrated fully on homework. Usage of the snooker table is now very low.

From 1985-1988 we used improvised bowling mats and in 1989 after a very close vote, it was decided to spend £1,000 on pukka short-mat equipment. Many members were doubtful the game would take off – how wrong they were!

Short-mat bowls is played on mats 45 feet long with normal sized bowls – not to be confused with carpet bowls which use 30 feet mats and small bowls.

We joined the Waveney League in 1991 continuing until 2009. We reluctantly pulled out unable any longer to field a team of twelve. During this period we also played many friendly games and Club Championship games, having three bookings a week at the Community Centre. We also held social events including cricket and boules matches against The Plough and the annual MS Quiz (winning twice 1991 and 92).

Maurice Chapman was Bowls Captain for 10 years, then Dennis Whiting from 2001 to present. The Club (June Stockdale) ran the multi-games area very successfully from 1993-2001. We reached a high of 98 members in 1993 but the increasing age of many has forced the retirement of most from tennis, badminton and table tennis. Membership has dwindled to 23 this year. Luckily short-mat bowlers and snooker players are able to continue into their 80s.

New members are welcomed Fridays at 2 pm for bowls, tuition by arrangement. Any over 18s interested in snooker please make enquiries to any committee member.


Come and join us every Thursday morning at 9.30 am.
Once a month we have a tutor to come and help our progress.
It does not matter if you never painted before you never know what you can do until you try.
What is it going to cost you? £2.50 per session paint and paper can be supplied.
So come and give it a go what have you got to lose?







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