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Uggeshall, Sotherton and Frostenden.

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News From Frostenden

Picture of Frostenden Church, postmarked 1906. Sent to Miss Youngs, 7 Trafalgar St., Lowestoft from Les? or Lol? . Top of postmark partially missing but could be Aldeburgh.

Picture donated by David Edwards

Sunday services all according to the Book of Common Prayer. 1st & 3rd Sundays each month at 9.30 a.m. Holy Communion. 2nd & 4th Sundays, Morning Prayer at 11 a.m.

A little bit about Frostenden 

Continental invaders visited the area in the 9th century as evidenced by the Viking campsite and quay at Frostenden for it once stood on a sea inlet and was the only inland port in Suffolk mentioned in Domesday. At the time the hamlet was known as Froxedena and sea going ships tied up there until the river became silted up in the 12th century. There were also salt workings at Frostenden. An old milestone at Frostenden indicates the village is 103 miles from London, 34 from Ipswich, 20 from Yarmouth and 10 to Lowestoft. Since that time after passing through the hands of some who had been slain in battle, attainted for high treason and beheaded, or who had forfeited their lands for other reasons, Frostenden manor was granted to Henry VIIIs fourth wife, Anne of Cleves (1515-57), for life as partial compensation for being set aside.

She also received Hever Castle, Ann Boleyn’s home in Kent. After passing through various hands Frostenden was eventually bought by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster who became the lords of the manor.
Three miles of farmland now separate the village from the sea. Frostenden Lodge had once been the home of the incumbent of the nearby parish church of All Saints which has a wooden sundial over its south door with the words ‘Vigilate et orate’ - wake and pray - and is one of oldest of the 38 Suffolk churches with a round Norman tower. The date 1606 has been scratched on the wall of the porch, the year Europeans first sighted Australia. For centuries sheep have grazed in its churchyard.
Despite being a quiet isolated hamlet violence was not entirely unknown for the Ipswich Journal of Saturday March 18th 1826 reported ‘On Tuesday evening last about 8 o'clock as Mr John Woods, miller, of Lowestoft was returning from Wangford, when within a quarter of a mile of Frostenden Lodge and just opposite a road leading to Reydon he was attacked by two men who, without uttering a word, seized him on the left side and in a few minutes unhorsed him, but he still clinging to the mare's rein, which in his fall came over head, gave so sudden a check to the mare that she flew with great violence and drove the men some yards from her. On Mr Woods recovering himself, he set most resolutely to work on the fellows, who, after a severe struggle took to their heels up the road leading to Reydon and left Mr Woods almost covered with blood, who then proceeded after his mare which he found near Wangford but, from his exhausted state was unable to pursue the robbers.

Jean C Noble, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear

Captain Edward William Freeman of the S.S. Roddam.
A local Hero 1864 - 1952

Edward Freeman was the son of a Wangford auctioneer, he spent his childhood living at Frostenden Lodge ( now The Old Rectory ) (he may have even started his schooling at Henham School)

At 7.50 am. on May 8th 1920 Mount Pelee on the Caribbean island of Martinique erupted it only took one minute for hot cloud of ash, bolders and gas travelling at 100 mph to reach St. Pierre. In the harbour of Saint-Pierre 18 vessels lay at anchor, according to the assistant Purser on the Roraima “I saw St. Pierre destroyed. The city was blotted out by one great flash of fire. Of 18 vessels lying in the road, only the British Steamship “Roddam” escaped and she lost more than half of those on board. It was a dying crew that took her out…” Although most of his crew were dead, injured or dying he managed to sail his vessel to Castries, St Lucia, thanks to his engineers, Sidney Schieswick and seaman Watters from Swansea in South Wales (both survived to return home to Swansea.)

He was cited in Lloyd's List for his ‘extraordinary exertions on the occasion of the volcanic eruption at St Pierre Martinique.’

While the Captain of the “York Castle” in 1904 he was presented with a 14ct gold watch inscribed, 'From the President of the United States to Edward William Freeman, Captain of the British steamship 'York Castle'. It was given in recognition of his humane services in the attempted rescue of the captain and crew of the American schooner 'Willie L Newton' abandoned at sea Feb.21 1904'.


Frostenden School Group III


Frostenden, Uggeshall & South Cove Group Parish Council have joined with Wrentham Parish Council to try to form a First Responders group to cover their immediate area. Volunteers are trained and equipped to attend emergency calls to patients with problems such as chest pains, breathing difficulties etc. They are not asked to attend road accidents, neither are they expected to be on call 7 days a week. The local contact is Mrs Gwen Stockdale, 5, The Hill, Uggeshall. Volunteers are needed particularly from Frostenden. You could save someone's life. The First Responders are an invaluable group - can you help ?

Paul Scriven

Uggeshall News


The Lovely Uggeshall Country Teas

Don't miss your country tea!

Click to pictures to enlarge

Supporting Uggeshall Church, this year the famous teas will
take place on the last week-end of July and 1st week end of
August from 3 o’clock until 6 o’clock on each day. For
just £6 you can enjoy a nice pot of tea, (replenished on
request), and several courses of mouthwatering home-made
breads, rusks, scones, jam and cakes, all served by the
friendly folk of Uggeshall. There’s both indoor and
outdoor (sheltered) seating. If you’ve never tried them,
do go along – you won’t be disappointed.

Off the A12 to Uggeshall then turn left at the church and the car park is on the right.

Please use the car park as it is a very narrow road.




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